Our company

Häkkinen Group is a Finnish-owned engineering company, which was established in 1980. The Group has plants in four locations: Raisio and Turku,  as well as subsidiaries Rautpohjan Konepaja in Jyväskylä and Tikkakosken Konepaja in Tikkakoski.


Since its founding, the Konepaja Häkkinen Group has been an international business, whose expertise is valued both on the domestic and international markets. The company is known throughout Europe as an uncompromising manufacturer of large and challenging components. Our most important export countries are Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France and Italy. We also export to the Baltic states and Russia. In the Far East, our largest export market is China. The Konepaja Häkkinen Group also wants to form partnerships with customers on the international market, since client companies outsource their operations there. 

Introduction video

Konepaja Häkkinen Oy Introduction video

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